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Create Flow in Your Life

You have likely heard the expression “being in the flow,” and that having this type of mentality can bring a lot of great stuff your way. When you go with the flow, you experience less struggle; everything seems to fall into place naturally, new opportunities open up for you, and it seems like you are in the right place at the right time. Wouldn’t it be great to have this all of the time? With that in mind, I’m sharing the tips I use to create the flow in life. There are seven components to the process:

Life Coach in Houston, TX

1. Inspiration

The first component is Inspiration. You have to be inspired by what you do and the direction you go. You must establish a connection with reality such that it involves your core desires and provides you have the chance to contribute something good to the world.

You might name it “a calling,” or a purpose. Or, it might just be as simple as feeling happy and energetic when you think of what you do or where you are heading. Have you ever looked closely at the word “inspiration”? It has two parts “in” and “spirit.”  Just a thought.

2. Health

The second part is Health, and it involves having a sufficient amount of Energy. Health is your life fuel. When you get into the car and have a destination to go, you need to make sure your car has enough gas in its tank, right? And, the better car you have, the higher quality of gas you get, and the better service center you take it to. So, it is essential to treat yourself well.

Firstly, get enough sleep. For some people, it is six hours, while for others it might be nine hours. If you are among those who need 9 hours, you are not alone. Then, consider what you’re eating and the amount of exercise you do, as well as the amount of fresh air you get every day. Anything that you do to keep yourself healthy, rested, and full of energy will help your car (body) move well. You don’t want it to stop in the middle of the road and miss the opportunities passing by!

3. Attitude

Attitude is the third component. What I mean here is a very broad; another way to say it is “a positive attitude on life.” Think of life as a mirror. What happens when you smile to the mirror? What happens in your reality reflects your expectations on a deep subconscious level. Okay, yes, bad things can happen to any person, and they have their reasons, but if we talk about day-to-day life, we get what we project and expect to happen.

4. Acceptance

Fourth on the list is Acceptance. We cannot know everything for sure; the “big plan” is out of our human awareness. Fighting with reality will only stop the flow. Instead, we can only transform what we own in life. So, accept what is out of your control and move on.

5. Ability to Say ‘No’

Number five is the Ability to Say “No” when something doesn’t feel right. In the last section, I wrote about accepting circumstances that you cannot change as they are out of your sphere of influence. But, there are many other situations when you do have a choice.

Your flow happens when you feel right and uplifted. So, why allow relationships, events, and other occurrences that don’t feel right, bring your life down? Sacrifice never made a human happy (except if you chose to be a saint, of course). Remember, an unhappy person never made other people happy.

6. & 7. Curiosity and Open-Mindedness

The sixth and seventh components go together: Curiosity and having an Open-mind. The world around us is active and much wiser than us. Go with the ways of the world, acting as a partner rather than a sort of dictator. Avoid a dictatorship where you must have your own way all the time and are not open to other opinions. Being pushy and demanding suppresses flow.

Partnering with the world around you will help you to explore the unlimited possibilities around you. There are numerous unpredictable ways to channel the flow into your desired direction. But you must actively do so! Take action.

I want everybody to be in the flow with their lives. If you ever feel stuck, though, just email me, and we can do a coaching session to explore what is holding you back. You can read more on Life Coaching here.  With the right guidance, you can be in the flow of things and enjoy a more prosperous life, just as you deserve!


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