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Success strategies for women. Can we be both feminine and powerful?

Women nowadays can be successful at anything as well as be happy and fulfilled depending on the strategies we adopt.

For many decades women have been fighting regarding the rights to be protected, get involved in politics, get the education we desire, get divorced, to have or run our businesses and to make other personal choices.

In most developed countries women nowadays have equal rights, and we are well supported and protected by the law.

The problem is that during that fight we had to put on the armor and adopt the tough business world strategies developed by men.

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As a result, women got everything but lost the primary factor – the right to be feminine. 

Please, do not be misled by the false image of femininity, for it is not the same when compared to the qualities of a real woman. Femininity is not about long lashes, emotional underdevelopment, excellent cooking abilities, sexy body image or helplessness.

True Femininity is about being resourceful and creative, being able to execute our talents in business, in politics, in art, in projects, – and all of that with ease, flow and enjoyment.

We’ve got the right to do whatever we want, but we do not know how to do it our way.

The challenges that the modern woman faces are different from the ones encountered in the past. Most often, the real problems are not put into words, discussed and  addressed.

The challenges are as follows:

  • How to stay resourceful even as she climbs the corporate ladder,
  • How to trust her intuition and use both intuition and logic,
  • How to communicate effectively so to be heard and to influence,
  • How to value herself and express the value she brings to the table,
  • How to better understand her strengths and form a unique leadership style that is both influential and enjoyable to her.
  • How to stay in the game in the face of difficulties even if there is no more energy left to succeed in the harsh business world,
  • How to maintain her health as well as be able to bear children,
  • How to have more than enough energy to nurture both business and her family, and so much more.

When we act in the world of business built by men, and we proceed to ignore our feminine nature by adopting the behavior of men – we feel stressed, drained and live like robots. Our men become either too aggressive or irresponsible and weak; our children don’t get enough love, and the world suffers from too much of cynicism.

It is time to rescind the feminine energy.

Feminine energy is not a preference but a requirement for getting the desired success while, at the same time, preserving our health as well as everything that is of value to us.

Let’s look at two different success strategies:

Men’s success strategies Woman’s success strategies
Chasing the achievements Fulfilling the potential, enjoying the process
Feeling of self-worth after the achievements Feeling of self-worth regardless the achievements
Setting goals Forming inspiring vision
Conquer Affiliate
Compete Cooperate
Shooting the short term goals Staying focused on the long term success
Efforts, overcoming struggle and fight Acting effortlessly and creating streamlined flow
I must I want
Being rigid Being flexible and adaptable
Use only facts and logic Listen to intuition
Mechanical use of people Nurturing relationships and people
Creating structure and control Creating the right aura

Life Coach in Houston, TX

We can adopt different strategies depending on the circumstances.

One thing we should keep in mind as women is that when we chase achievements without enjoying the process or when we fight, even if it’s the silent struggles that take place inside our heads, – we ruin our bodies and our psyches, we start feeling exhausted as a result of loss of excess energy. Even if we end up getting the result we hankered after, is the price we paid to get the results worth it at all?

The modern business world adopts soft strategies nowadays and this is because we have begun to understand how important the other side of the equation is.

The purpose of this article is to remind us about the alternative ways of living and being successful in a way that is more natural to us as women as well as to find ways of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

When we accept the womanly qualities we have and take our uniqueness as an advantage and not as a disadvantage that we need to hide or get rid of, then we get an access to the powerful resource within us which is gifted unto us by nature.

True femininity is about the connection with our internal nature and power that allows us to do what with want more effectively and effortlessly.





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