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Coaching During Times of Organizational Change

Coaching is a must-have tool to accompany any changes within an organization.

As an example, a professional coach can facilitate the implementation of a new organizational strategy by helping leaders and key people realign personal goals and motivation with the new strategy, as well as ensuring behavioral changes in long-lasting ways and supporting the implementation of new initiatives.

Coaching helps make sure that the change is sustainable over time, that the transition is smooth rather than rocky and that the process minimizes the stress levels of the participants.

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How is That Possible?

Coaches are experts on how the brain works and how to facilitate progress by improving the quality of thinking. They support people in overcoming natural resistance to change by helping them build new neuro pathways in the brain and form new realities.

Change is dee

Change can be very challenging. Emotional change, in particular, usually accompanies the organizational transition. It requires hardwiring of new learning through insight and action. Coaches are the perfect people to have around to facilitate this process of learning through insight.

Coaching Through Change

A coach helps to identify what needs to changing, as well as supporting the management and implementation of change. The human brain innately does not like change; instead, it wants stability. To change is, therefore, difficult and it requires extra effort. Most people experience stress when dealing with change and especially uncertainty that change brings.

Contrary to popular belief, having a clear vision of where your organization is heading and a great plan is not enough to change the old ways that people work and think. Creating change and telling employees about it is only one part of the process; for change to be long-lasting, it must embed into the minds of all people across the organization and have the supported guidance of a good leader. A coach can help both top leaders and key people responsible for managing others to be all that they envision being, for the purpose of introducing change successfully in your company.

Types of Coaching through Change

Executive coaching can help leaders think more strategically about the change. An executive coach can ask questions of leaders that they make them self-reflect in ways they may not have done for some time, if ever. These questions may be ones that team members feel awkward about posing themselves.

Team coaching provides an opportunity for team members to explore their feelings about the change, including their issues with it, as well as enjoying the benefits and growth that come with change.

The major benefit of coaching is that it helps to embed the change into the life of the organization, into people’s minds and into behaviors too. It helps to make the change sustainable over time, less painful, and with minimal stress to the participants.

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