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Consider energy your most important resource

In your life, you have learned to value time, education, and money. You were taught how to manage and use them effectively, starting from childhood. But, little attention has likely been given to another important resource that everyone has and often just spends. I’m talking about ENERGY, which has three main forms: physical, emotional and mental.

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Why is energy important?


Think of energy as a fuel. When you have sufficient energy, you have the ability to get work done quicker and better than without this capacity. And that’s not all! Energy enables you to invent, discover, and be creative. You can receive and give inspiration, lead better, and dream bigger. Your energy level can be the difference between simply living and being fully alive.

Energy is not something to spend but instead a resource to invest. When you invest energy wisely, you get the most benefit from it.

Think now, how do you invest your energy in people, situations, and things?  How you invest energy can multiply this important resource and allow you to enjoy your life even more as well as grow your business, share your enthusiasm with others and stay in the flow.


Ways to manage your energy:


  1. Try to eliminate people and activities that drain your energy, leave you feeling empty and less powerful, or even struggling emotionally.


  1. Identify people and activities that lift you up, inspire you, create a good synergy with you, and empower you.


  1. RE-charge constantly. Feed all of your “bodies”: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Rest, laugh and learn.


  1. Manage your energy. Be very attentive to how you feel and what causes you to feel negative and depressed or happy, focused, and free.


Life Coach in Houston, TX

What else can you do to manage your energy?


  1. Maintain the right focus. Your focus sets the direction where your energy is invested. Choose wisely!
  1. Give yourself breaks during the day. Allow yourself to rest and recalibrate to maintain the energy level.
  1. Know your most productive times of the day, whether it is the morning, afternoon, or evening. Develop your own routine.
  1. Know your distractions, such as the telephone, emails, or people.
  1. And, finally, learn to value your energy!


If you want to take this conversation further and discover ways how you can better manager your energy and create greater life balance, feel free to contact me.


Types of energy:

Physical energy – Take care to maintain your energy levels by practicing good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and sleep. Doing so will also help you manage your emotions well and focus your attention.

Emotional energy – Enhance the quality of your energy by controlling your emotions, even when there are external pressures. To do so, you must first understand how emotions feel during different work-related situations and how emotions impact these occasions. When you feel positive, you are more likely to perform and lead better than with negative energy.

Mental energy – Pay attention to the kinds of thoughts you have or what self-talk is going on in your head. In other words, what is your subconscious saying? Mental energy also refers to how focused you are. Again, being self-aware of your thoughts, being able to identify and reprogram disempowering beliefs, and being clear and focused on what matters to you increasing your level of mental energy, as well as the overall quality of being.



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